Lighting Equipment

Lighting Equipment & Other Oilfield Services

Proudly serving the Permian Basin

When you manage an oilfield construction site or other types of construction sites, you need to work within a tight schedule. To make sure all work is completed on time, you will often need to have your crews working throughout the night. Our oilfield contractors work hard to make it easier for you to operate in the dark with our light towers. We will come and set up lights for you, and we’ll take them down when you’re through.


When you need to work at night on your construction site, there is no better way to speed up your timeline than with high-powered lighting equipment. You can count on Patron Poly Services for reliable oilfield services throughout the entire Permian Basin area. We offer a variety of oilfield services to help you get the job done quickly. From water testing & sump pump installation to lighting towers & other oilfield services, our oilfield contractors have you covered. Give us a call now for pricing on our lights and expedite your oilfield work with our help.